Silent ID tags made for all of life's adventures.

Besties tags are quiet, ultra-durable, and never scratch or fade.

Silicone Pet ID Tags

We love our pets and want to provide the best for them. That’s why Besties Pets offers silicone pet ID tags to customize your love. You can kiss those days of annoying jingling goodbye because our tags are jingle-free. Traditional metal tags can interfere with the way your dog or cat listens to the world around them. We eliminate that interference with our rubber pet ID tags. Customers love how customizable our tags are, with the added fade-proof protection. You won’t need to worry about the emergency information fading away from our engraved pet tags. There are so many options to choose from on our website. Take time to pick out your next silicone pet ID tag today!



Enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of silence.


With our deep engraving and high contrast, you can rest assured that your emergency contact information is always legible when you need it most.


Besties 100% Silicone tags are strong, flexible, and resilient. Metal tags scratch and fade, silicone stands the test of time.


Stand out from the pack with our eye-catching designs.