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Waterproof Dog Leashes

Ultra-Durable, Water-Proof, Stink-Proof Dog Leash

Besties leashes are durable, stylish and functional, featuring a rubbery matte finish that wipes clean and looks brand new forever. No more dirty, stinky, frayed leashes!

Every leash is crafted using a flexible poly-coated webbing with a matte finish and sleek black hardware. Our leashes are comfortable on fur, and comfortable in your hand.

Multiple length adjustments and snap hooks at both ends allow for quick and easy length changes, tandem walks, or quick tie-ups. Pairs perfectly with the matching Collar and walk accessories.

They are as durable as they are stylish, and ready for any adventure. So let you pup play in the puddles, our gear can handle it!

Our leashes are 100% water-proof, which makes them perfect for your favorite water-loving, ball-chasing, hole-digging, mud-rolling, all around adventure dog!

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