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QR Code Sky Blue Silicone ID Tag

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  • $46.00
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Get your pet home faster with a QR code identification tag!

Customize the front with your pet's name. We add a QR code with a link to your pet's emergency profile on the back.

  • Your Pet Profile contains all the information necessary to get your pet home safely.
  • No apps, no subscriptions, no batteries.
  • Free and easy to use profile, update your info anytime.

We love our pets and want to provide the best for them. That’s why Besties Pets offers silicone pet ID tags to customize your love. You can kiss those days of annoying jingling goodbye because our tags are jingle-free. Traditional metal tags can interfere with the way your dog or cat listens to the world around them. We eliminate that interference with our rubber pet ID tags. Customers love how customizable our tags are, with the added fade-proof protection. You won’t need to worry about the emergency information facing away from our engraved pet tags. There are so many options to choose from on our website. Take time to pick out your next silicone pet ID tag today!

Width: 1.4"

Height: Hangs 2.7"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4296 reviews
obsessed with these tags!

If I could give these tags 10 stars I would. I'm someone who works from home and have to film a lot of content for my company. I love that these tags are completely silent - I no longer have to edit out jangling collars! Additionally, we have a lake on property which means GOOSE POOP. My dogs love to roll in it. It's disgusting...BUT the material of these tags is top-notch! One quick wipe with a Clorox wipe and we're good to go! No more stinky collars and tags!

THe best thing I've ever seen!

I'm a paranoid dog mom, so when I saw these emergency tags I was all for it! It gives me peace of mind knowing that my emergency contact will be connected in case of an emergency! I'm even thinking of buying another one of these to attach to my horse's bridle in case I fall while riding, that way if someone else catches him before I can, they'll know who to call!

Halona S.
Such a Great Product!

I feel so much more at peace knowing my dog is wearing a besties tag. The process of customizing a tag for her was so seamless! Besties put together exactly what I explained to them! Great customer service and great product!

cute and Quiet!

Adventure pup Roland loves his new silicone tag - and so do his mommas because we are not awoken at all hours of the night by the CLINK CLINK of a metal tag on a water bowl. So far it is holding up well to water, sand/dirt, and plenty of play. <3