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Sage Poop Bag Holder | Crapper Keeper

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  • $13.00
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meet the crapper keeper - it holds your dog's poop so you don't have to.

This ingenious silicone sidekick is here to save the day (and your dignity) when your four-legged friend decides it's time to answer nature's call.

Easy, convenient, and hands-free - this holder will save your hands from ever having to carry doggy doo-doo again! Life is good.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the baggies this came with!

As a part of the full dog walk set, these leash bags match perfectly, have a super cute yet simple little design, and I love the bonus adorable Thank You themed poop bags they came with! They make walks super convenient with 3 dogs and I know I’ll never run low on poop bags!

Changed our walks!

I have never been a fan of poop bag holders in the past, but had to try these as part of the full dog walk sets!
They make walks with 3 dogs so much easier and allow me to keep track of who has gone potty already and who hasn’t! The colors are also super cute and the silicone material makes it easy to attach and remove poop bags from the holder!

The item I didn't know I needed! Great qua...

The item I didn't know I needed! Great quality and fast shipping!

Perfect for carrying the 'bag' until you f...

Perfect for carrying the 'bag' until you find a trash bin!