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Ultra-Durable, Water-Proof, Stink-Proof Dog Collars

Besties collars are durable, stylish and functional, featuring a rubbery matte finish that wipes clean and looks brand new forever. No more dirty, stinky, frayed collars!

Are you tired of your dog's collar getting all wet and dirty, and when you wash it then it becomes frayed and dingy? It’s time to ditch tradition and purchase a water-proof dog collars from Besties Pets. Our incredible collars are made of TPU, making them easy to clean after a day spent playing at the lake or in the yard. You’ll find plenty of fun colors making you add these unique collars for dogs to your cart.

what pet parents are saying

  • "I am SO glad we upgraded to a biothane collar. our old dog collar was filthy and stinky, but our new collar is so easy to clean and doesn't smell at all!"

    John F.

  • "Teddy's new collar is exactly what we were looking for. It seems sturdy and durable"

    sarah t.