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Sage Adventure Set

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Explore the great outdoors with your furry adventure buddy in style! This Sage Adventure Set has everything you need for your next escapade - collar, leash, leash bag, poop bag holder, and a handy silicone travel bowl.

Plus, it's waterproof and durable, so you can go wild without worry. Besties gear is easy to clean with soap and water, so no more stinky and frayed collars and leashes!

From the dog park to the mountain top, our gear looks as good as the day you got it - no matter what your pup is getting into on the weekends.

So grab this bundle, and you and your pup will be ready for anything! Woof!


  • Neck Circumference = 11''-15''
  • Strap Width = 3/4"


  • Neck Circumference = 13''-18''
  • Strap Width = 1"


  • Neck Circumference = 17''-24''
  • Strap Width = 1"


Flex-poly coated nylon webbing strap, zinc alloy snap hooks, coated carbon steel D-rings

Product Dimensions and Specs


  • Regular length position measures 52"
  • Short leash adjustment measures 33"
  • Strap width - 3/4"


  • Regular length position measures 64"
  • Short leash adjustment measures 39"
  • Strap width - 1"


  • Regular length position measures 75"
  • Short leash adjustment measures 45"
  • Strap width - 1"

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with a towel or let air dry.

for stubborn messes, try a gentle scrub

are your collars good for puppies?

  • Our Collar is great for dogs of all ages and sizes. We do recommend sizing up as puppies can outgrow their walk gear as they get older and grow into their adult body.

how should the collar fit on my dog?

  • The Collar should be snug against your dogs neck, but with enough room to place two fingers between their neck and the Collar. This ensures they're safely inside, while giving them room for movement and comfort.

is the collar comfortable for dogs?

  • yes! Our collars have a flexible material with a silky smooth finish, which is comfortable and doesn't snag on fur.

How do you adjust the Leash to the shorter length?

  • To shorten the leash, unclip the handle/wrist loop clip at the wrist loop and attach it to the D-ring closest to your dog's Harness or Collar.

are your leashes strong?

  • yes! the material has an extremely high break point, and the hardware is strong and durable.

is your leash chew-proof?

  • Like most dog products, our Leash is extremely durable, but not indestructable against puppy or adult dog teeth. However, our Leash is built to last, and is reinforced with a nylon core. If your dog continuously chews on their Leash, this may lead to irreversable damage.