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Sky Blue Waterproof Adjustable Dog Collar

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Ultra-Durable, Water-Proof, Stink-Proof Dog Collar

Besties collars are durable, stylish and functional, featuring a rubbery matte finish that wipes clean and looks brand new forever. No more dirty, stinky, frayed collars!

Every collar is crafted using a flexible poly-coated webbing with a matte finish and sleek black hardware.

Our collars are 100% water-proof, which makes them perfect for your favorite water-loving, ball-chasing, hole-digging, mud-rolling, all around adventure dog!


  • Neck Circumference = 11''-15''
  • Strap Width = 3/4"


  • Neck Circumference = 13''-18''
  • Strap Width = 1"


  • Neck Circumference = 17''-24''
  • Strap Width = 1"

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with a towel or let air dry.

for stubborn messes, try a gentle scrub

are your collars good for puppies?

  • Our Collar is great for dogs of all ages and sizes. We do recommend sizing up as puppies can outgrow their walk gear as they get older and grow into their adult body.

how should the collar fit on my dog?

  • The Collar should be snug against your dogs neck, but with enough room to place two fingers between their neck and the Collar. This ensures they're safely inside, while giving them room for movement and comfort.

is the collar comfortable for dogs?

  • yes! Our collars have a flexible material with a silky smooth finish, which is comfortable and doesn't snag on fur.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Adventure Gear for the win!

I absolutely love the waterproof dog walk sets.
The texture of the materials, the matchy-matchy colors, and how easy they make walks with all 3 of my pups! This new set of gear matches all of our previous gear as well so it’s easy to mix and match!
I love having collapsible bowls for all 3 of my pups during hiking adventures, poop bag holders (lots of 💩 when you have 3 dogs), poop bag holders for once they’re used, and of course collars and leashes to mix and match. I’m obsessed!

Color, Functionality, and texture!

I love the texture of this leash as it is SO soft in my hand, and it makes it so easy to adjust for attachment when needing a quick tie-down! The color is just gorgeous and matches our other gear from this shop to a T!


Nice quality! Excited to have a dog collar that doesn't get stinky from my dog always being in the water

Duke’s m.
Sleek red collar

I bought the large red collar for my dog. I really like that it is waterproof and soft. I can use it when it’s raining and dry it off easily. The collar is thin enough to not be bulky and it is comfortable against my dogs skin.